Organisational culture analysis

  • Analysis of organisational values and norms
  • Review of space signage and use of corporate logo and colours
  • Define how space arrangement impacts interpersonal relations and brand perception
  • Observe how people personalise their workplace

Office space audit

  • Development of guidelines for the project to help achieve company’s business goals
  • Define relationship between space arrangement and teams/departments’ work styles
  • Evaluating current space efficiency
  • Identify departments’ needs and expectations towards new workplace

Communication analysis

  • Analysis of internal communication barriers and improvement opportunities
  • Evaluate current communication tools and channels
  • Define goals and expectations in relations to communication and development of interpersonal relations
  • Determine impact of space arrangement on communication efficiency

Change management

  • Ensuring a smooth cultural transition for staff from their current work environment to their future workplace
  • Support HR and PR teams in effective communication of change throughout all stages of the project
  • Engage employee in the creation of new office, appointing the ambassador of change
  • Adapt employees on new workplace


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