Anna Szymańska

Head of Office Department
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We understand that your office is an extension of your firm’s brand

– that it reflects your culture and can be instrumental in attracting top talent. Our team provides advisory services to businesses across Poland seeking to lease new office space, renegotiate current leases, expand or consolidate.

Transaction services

Comprehensive services supporting acquisition of optimal space and negotiations of the best possible commercial terms of a lease. Oversight and coordination of team members comprising a lawyer, an architect and a project manager.

Legal services

Ensuring that documentation required to sign a lease or annex or to hand over premises is complete. Assistance in negotiations of lease terms and conditions, and a review of the draft lease or annex.

Workplace strategy

An in-depth review of the existing organisational culture and its aspects in an office space, of the in-house communication among employees, and office space analyses. This is a comprehensive advisory process to create an inspiring, friendly and effective workplace.

Project management

Independent, external supervision of timely deliveries and quality of works; review and monitoring of project costs. Technical advisory services during lease negotiations and identification of potential project risks/threats.

Interior design

Designing office premises in line with the client’s expectations with regard to functionality, appearance, fit-out standard, and the client’s requirements, including preparation of a detailed design.


Advice on purchases, including latest green technologies, services and products, and a full analysis of costs of green solutions. A review of office space optimization options to bring down service charges.

Architectural support

Performance of a study of office remodelling to increase efficiency of the client’s space usage and operations, and office concept development with regard to optimal solutions for each department.

Audit of charges

Identification of operating costs making up service charges and a thorough review of all the required documents in the Landlord’s office to ascertain whether service charges are correctly calculated.


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